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    How Do You Find the Right Shoe?

    Many issues that people experience with their feet are caused or made worse by ill-fitting shoes. Bunions, hammer toes, claw toes, corns, calluses and neuromas are all forefoot problems that are related to wearing shoes that are too narrow, often with pointy toe boxes and higher heels. Studies have shown that many women wear shoes that are too small and the majority of people over the age of 65 wear shoes that are too narrow. 90% of surgeries done for these deformities occur in women. The incidence of these procedures peak when people are in their 30’s to 50’s indicating that it is the repetitive use of ill-fitting shoes over time that causes the problems.

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    Calcium and Vitamin D

    We have 206 or more bones in our bodies. Our bones are made of collagen which is a protein and calcium phosphate which is a mineral. The calcium is what makes our bones strong and hard. We cannot make calcium so we must eat or drink foods to get the calcium we need. In addition to being an important substance in the bones, calcium is also used by our bodies to help our muscles and nerves work properly and to assist us in healing wounds. When our bodies need calcium it is taken from the bones and a low level of calcium in our bodies can lead to brittle soft bones that can break or fracture easily.

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    True Fitness

    We all want to get in shape or stay in shape so we can enjoy life more. There are a variety of goals that people strive for including weight loss, muscle building, better flexibility, and higher energy levels or simply looking and feeling better. But did you realize that a variety of exercise is needed to attain true fitness? In general, we can categorize individual exercises into one of three types: Cardiovascular training, strength or resistance training and flexibility training. An exercise regimen that includes training in each of these areas will lead to a more complete level of fitness.

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